Q1: Royal Advance’s MEP solutions and work is renowned around the country. What do you believe has been the most important turning points (Projects – obstacles overcome or others) in the company’s history to which it owes its stellar reputation?

The most important turning point of Royal Advance is following Mr. Hamad’s vision for improving the QA/QC department and developing it into a pioneer QA/QC department which has reflected positively during the construction period of the projects as well as post handover. Our clients have significantly realized this change in the quality of services and the commitment for client satisfaction and the end result of the MEP services post handover. It’s worth saying that we have worked hand in hand with the DLP department of the group to improve the quality of the services and client satisfaction.

Q2: If you were to pick 1 project that served as a big lesson in your career at Royal Advance, and 1 project that served as the biggest in your career at Royal Advance, what would those be?

The project that served as a big lesson in my career at Royal Advance is Harbor Gate. The project consists of two towers with a common podium and 2 basements. The biggest challenge of the project was the tight schedule of the project. We had to deploy three shifts and work around the clock to handover the project.

Kizad warehousing is an iconic and strategic project for AbuDhabi Government. The project consists of 3 plots having different facilities and applications including strategic cold stores and strategic warehousing.

Q3: What sets Royal Advance apart amongst the fierce competition in the market?

Royal advance has one of the most aggressive approaches in executing projects. We tend to work around the clock to produce all technical documentation in the shortest time possible beating any projected schedule starting from material submittals to the state of the art shop drawings using the latest technologies including BIM Revit works. The support from our mother company sets us with powerful capabilities to procure all material at the beginning of the project without depending on a third party. We carry one of the biggest electromechanical force in the country having a count exceeding 3500 personnel on the ground. 

Q4: Royal Advance is a part of Trojan Construction Group, whose motto is “Building Dreams”, the dreams of its people, and the people who live in, work in and frequent its structures. How is Royal Advance playing its part by fostering and growing its human capital, it’s people?

Team work spirit is the first motto that Royal Advance is structuring its culture on. We tend to train our people to work in a team work culture to achieve the ultimate goal. We are also working on training the skills of each position and specifically the managerial positions where they play role models to others and lead by example. We are also in a continuous learning curve to execute work in a better and faster manner achieving the highest safety procedures with a pioneer level of quality.

Q5: As the UAE grows steadily and more rapidly than perhaps any other nation on earth, how do you foresee Royal Advance’s role in this equation? What are some of the key points of focus for the coming years?

Royal Advance is proud to be part of the growth of this great nation and is working around the clock to keep up with this fast growth by introducing the latest technologies in its operations and growing its departments including but not limited to, the technical department which plays a main role in implementing the new technologies which are being introduced in the country. Royal Advance is looking forward to growing all its other departments benchmarking them in a class A rating whereby we follow the latest ISO’s and standards. In the coming years we will be focusing on combining our efforts with technology providers as well as specialists who play a big role in the success of the projects and the company.  

Q6: How important is it to be innovative in the world of MEP, and what do you believe will be the impact of future technologies on the industry?

Innovation is the key to success for the MEP businesses. We need to always be up to date with the latest technologies that are being introduced in the market. The world is moving faster than our imagination can keep up with. We need to do the same things that we are currently doing in a faster manner and the only way to do that is by being innovative and introducing the latest technologies in the market in our systems. We also tend to challenge the capabilities of these technologies and we tend to get trained in getting the best results from these technologies.