Our priority is to ensure the wellbeing of our employees and to support a sustainable environment for everyone.

Our contribution begins with a commitment to a safer and more environment-friendly workplace. Trojan’s Environment Health and Safety (EHS) vision, mission objectives and targets are all well-integrated into the business process to achieve this objective.

Starting with our EHS vision, we want to be the flag-bearer of EHS excellence in the UAE, while ensuring zero harm to humans and the environment due to business processes.

Our EHS mission is to make EHS a top priority, as we keep building our EHS culture with training, education, policies development, and continual improvement. We aim to have zero EHS related incidents, to ensure a safe and healthy work environment,  by integrating EHS as part of the business process through rigorous risk/aspect management procedures.

Our EHS benchmarks comply with national and international standards. We are OSHAD certified by Abu Dhabi Municipality and have successfully obtained the requisite ISO certifications (45001, 14001, 26000 and 31000), and we are in the final stage of being certified as an ISO 22301 and ISO 5001 organization.

” We want to be the flag-bearer of EHS excellence in

the UAE .”

1- Training

Learning and development program held, where all department heads conducted 2 days of training at all projects, this was in addition to the training matrix stipulated for all employees through assessed training achieving 3 hours/ employee.

2- Waste Reduction and Recycling

Waste recycling increased to 78%, and waste reduced to 12 Ton/ 100 Square meters built-up areas.

3- Water Consumption

Reduced water consumption from 3.5m3 to 3m3/person/month through regular maintenance and continuous monitoring.

4- 0.03 AFR rate Target achieved

In line with the continuous efforts to improve the safety culture, we have achieved 157 million LTI free manhours during 2022.

5- NCR/ Observation Closing and Reporting Forms E, G, and F

All issued Observations and Nonconformance Reports shall be closed within 12 days compared to the previous 14 days.

All legal requirements to be addressed through legal register and as stated on OSHAD Mechanism 6.

6- Blood Donation

500 L of blood were collected when 22 events were arranged in cooperation with blood banks in Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, and Dubai. More than 1250 donors participate in the blood donation drive.

7- Social Responsibility Works

Commitment to social responsibility works – a weekly contribution of 177 hours, covering a total of 8,500 man-hours resulting in the collection of more than 15 tons of waste.

8- Emiratization

Inducting national employees through training program, making up 12% of the EHS staff.

9- Plantation

23,000 Native trees planted in cooperation with EAD and Sharjah Municipality.

10- Digitalization

Out of 96 Forms being used in HSE Department 24 forms have been fully digitized.

11- Medical screening of all employees completed

Medical surveillance was completed for all employees. 23000 colour coded wrist bands were distributed based on the employee age and medical history. This will enable everyone to easily identify the medical category and provide the right assistance in case of any emergency.

COVID Vaccine was provided for all employees eligible for the vaccination.

12- Trojan Awarded for the best performance from ADM

Trojan and NPC were awarded recognition for the best performance during the year from Abu Dhabi Municipality and NPC received the renewed OSHAD certificates.

13- 2 New ISO Certificates awarded

Corporate social responsibility and risk management ISO Compliance certificates awarded, in addition to current ISO Certifications update from UKAS 9001, 14001, 45001 and 27001.