Rayah Almenhali:

Rayah is a logistics engineer who plays a vital role within our team. She assists in making dreams come to life by being an essential part of the project phase for our clients.

As a budding engineer in one of the most crucial departments within our team, Rayah has been showing her determination and positive mind-set throughout her work since she joined us over 9 months ago. As a logistics engineer she is involved with, but not limited to, design and analyze operational solutions for projects such as transportation optimization, network modeling, process and methods analysis, cost containment, capacity enhancement, routing and shipment optimization, or information management.

Continuing her growth journey at Trojan, Raya says that the company has given her the opportunity to explore her career and build on her communication skills. We are delighted to have such a talent with us and looking forward to more years of growth together.

Mirza Atiq Al Rahman:

Mirza is a team member of Al Maha Modular Industries. He brings dreams to life with metal structures during the execution of different projects, from schools and homes to all other construction works.

A steel fabricator by profession, he recently joined our family and has been an essential part of the team for the past 6 months. Through various techniques Mirza has been able to turn basic steel sections into predefined shapes, ready to be implemented in construction. He works closely alongside steel detailers and drafters, who provide him with detailed drawings and designs which he essentially brings to life.

Through his career with Al Maha Modular Industries, a subsidiary of Trojan Construction Group, Mirza is able to realize his own dream- to build a house for his family back home and provide education for his children. His loyalty and honesty at work have helped him deliver the highest quality of steel fabrication, and we are grateful to have a hardworking person such as Mirza in our team.