Can you tell us a bit more about your journey so far prior to joining Trojan Construction Group?

I started my career as an external auditor at Grant Thornton International just after graduation, then shifted to work in the internal audit field and finally to the finance field.

I have over 25 years of experience working for companies like Juma Al Majid Group, Al Nowais Investments Group, Al Khayyat Investments Group and Al Shaali Group.

I am a Certified Public Accountant (CPA), Certified Management Accountant (CMA), and have done my Bachelor of Accounting. 

Trojan Construction Group’s motto is “Building Dreams”, not just the dreams of the inhabitants of its structures, but also the dreams of its people, the Trojans. What are some of the professional Dreams that you aim to achieve in this new role here at TCG?

To be a major participant in the success journey and development of TCG.

As an Emirati born and founded company, our vision is aligned with that of the UAE when it comes to growth and potential, with Emirati Talent at the heart of our human capital. What are the investments that you believe are vital in order to attract and retain Emirati talent within Trojan Construction Group?

It is important to have a comprehensive program for choosing, training and developing the right talent and sharing the success stories of people who added value and participated in the success story of Trojan.

What are some of the learnings that you have gathered in your career so far, that you believe Trojan Construction Group can benefit from to form the next phase in its chapter?

I see myself helping in managing the company’s resources in the most beneficial manner to achieve its strategic goals, setting up policies and controls that will enhance governance and flow of work, minimizing risks that could affect the business negatively.

As the fastest growing region in the world, Trojan is truly at the epicenter of the action. What are the markets that you are eyeing and what is the potential beyond our borders?

The Middle east and Africa are among the fastest growing regions nowadays. So expanding in the GCC and African countries will have its positive returns for the group. Also keeping an eye on opportunities in the countries that are now suffering from wars, when they stabilize will surely be beneficial, as they will need major rebuilding projects.

What would you say to the Dream Builders at Trojan about your vision for the coming years?

” Keep up the hard work and the spirit. The best is still coming.”